You are really into Escape Games and You want to be a GameMaster…?


What is a Gamemaster? This is the man or woman who

  • welcomes the players 
  • tells about the rules and the room
  • helps the group with hints during the game if necessary 
  • gives a debriefing
  • re-sets the room again for the next group


This sounds fun? You are

  • a young enthousiastic,
  • who likes to talk to people (groups from 4 to 16 people),
  • talks fluent Flemish and English,
  • lives in Leuven,
  • and want to work during evenings in the week (max 2 evenings of 4 hours) and weekend (1 day of max 8 hours in weekend) OR just think you have found the job of your live?


Sent us an email (find the correct one on our website) with CV with picture + motivation letter.

AT THIS MOMENT there is no job available but feel free to send us that email anyway. With new rooms coming up, it’s possible we need more people soon.