0032 (0)468 317 711 info@escaperoom-leuven.be Blijde inkomststraat 103

2nd edition on Monday June 17th. Be there!

The concept

We want to bring people together and in contact with other escape-enthousiasts. At this event, we are therefore focussing on (single) people who want to meet like minded others, so come by yourself or bring max. 1 friend. There will be 4 to 5 people in each room which brings the total number of people to 20.

The plan

You are welcome from 18h30 for a bite and a drink. On arrival, you will be divided randomly over the rooms. You can check off the rooms you already played when you are booking a spot.

You are welcome from 18h00 for a drink, a snack and a chat with the other players. At 18h45 the groups will be divided and the game starts at 19h.

The Place 

Escape Room Leuven. Blijde-inkomststraat 103, Leuven. 

The Price

Escape + a drink for only €20!!
(€10 paid up front, in the booking, €10 at the event). New friends are for free 🙂

Looking for a fun Escap-night? Make a reservation! Max. 20 players.