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You wanna play a real escape room with the typical escaperoom puzzles from home? That’s possible with REMOTE ESCAPE ROOMS. You can choose one of the 8 themes to play remotely from home or at your desk.

Look around in the (real) room, think, give the gamemaster instructions and solve the puzzles with your team. A very cool concept. As in the traditional escape room, the goal is to escape within 60 minutes. Language: English.

When: Whenever you want 24/7, check the availability.
Where? Play remote from home or work. Together or apart.
Duration? 1 hour.
Price? 119€.
How many persons? Maximum 6 persons per game.
Language? English.

What theme do you like?
Bomb, Madness: most challenging.
Prison, Aztec: medium.
Zombie, Japan: less difficult.

1. Choose your favorite theme and check the availability. Pay attention to A.M and P.M hours. You wan’t a game at 12 at noon? Look for 12 PM. You wan’t a game at 19u, look for 7 PM.
2. Send us an email with all the information: room of your choice, date, hour, name, gsm to info@escaperoom-leuven.be.
3. We send you a payment link and will do the reservation for you