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Looking for a fun activity to do with your friends, family or colleagues?

Book a Real-live Escape Game at Escape Room Leuven!

You and your team will be locked in a room, your goal: to escape within 60 minutes. You have to think your way out by looking for clues, solving puzzles and opening locks.

Only at Escape Room Leuven
If you have 15 minutes left, you get a voucher of 3€ for a reduction on your next booking. (It happens every week in one of our rooms)
25 minutes left (or more) and get a bottle of cava on top! (it is exceptional that a group has 25 minutes left).
30 minutes left or more, you will get a 50 percent discount on your next booking and a bottle of cava! (this is very very exceptional)

GAME ROOM 1  – New York Bank Heist

You are a member of a succesful crime team and today your team planned a heist at a bank in New York City. Beside cash they are known to have quite the amount of gold in the vaults of their clients. Your recon team has just completed phase one of the heist: they have assured the building is empty and gained access to the bank manager’s office. They have discreetly hidden clues, tools and hints around the office, which you will need to complete the job. Escape within 60 minutes with the money and the gold or go to jail!

Recommended number of players: 4 people (max. 5).
Difficulty: 4/5. Escape with 15 minutes (or more) left on the timer and get a bottle of Cava or a discount of 10€ on your next booking!
Recommended age: 18. Minimum age: 16 (under supervision of an adult).

GAME ROOM 2 – Surgery Room

You wake up in the dark operating room of an old hospital, somewhere in Eastern Europe. The last thing you remember is that you were in a hotel’s conference room, listening to some doctor’s lecture. After the speech, the doctor invited you to his hotel room to have a drink. This is where your memories start to get foggy.  You have to get out of the operating room, and get to the doctor’s office. The key to your freedom can be found there. Escape within 60 minutes or fall into the hands of the crazy doctor!

Recommended number of players: 4-5  people  (max. 6).
Difficulty: 3,5/5. Escape with 15 (or more) minutes left on the timer and get a complimentary bottle of Cava or a discount of 10€ on your next booking!
Recommended age: 18. Minimum age: 14 (under supervision of an adult).

GAME ROOM 3 – Missing Geisha

The famous geisha Chou, from Kyoto – Japan, suddenly goes missing after her performance last night.
You were her final guests and the last people who saw her alive. Where is she…? What happened to her…?
It is your task to find the answers in her room. By doing so, you will prove your innocence and escape!

Recommended number of players : 3-4 people  (max. 5). Challenge for more experienced players: 2
Difficulty: 3,5/5. Escape with 15 (or more) minutes left on the timer and get a complimentary bottle of Cava or a discount of 10€ on your next booking!
Recommended age: 18. Minimum age: 14 (under supervision of an adult).

GAME ROOM 4 – Prison Orcus 

The year is 2047. As members of the European Resistance, you and your team have been captured by the New World Order and sentenced to life on the artificial prison-planet Orcus. You have arrived on Orcus in a new transitzone and the guards are scheduled to take you to Zone X, the most secure prison on the planet. Escape from Orcus or stay there forever!

Recommended number of players : Min. 4,  max. 6 people. Not wheelchair accessible.
Difficulty: 4/5. This room does not contain typical combination or cypher locks; all puzzles have been integrated into its futuristic theme.
Escape with 15 minutes (or less) left on the timer and get a bottle of Cava or a discount of €10 on your next booking!
Recommended age
: 18. Minimum age: 16 (under supervision of an adult).


3 persons (*)
4 persons (*)
5 persons
6 persons

(*) Notes: On weekdays, until 5pm, the Missing Geisha can be booked for 2 people for €60, rather than €78/
Only the Surgery Room and Prison Orcus accomodate 6 players.
The Surgery Room can be booked for 3 players yet the price will still be €96.
For Prison Orcus, the price for 4 players is €100 (not €96).

All texts and tips in the rooms are in English. Per request the introduction and information can also be given in English.

  • positive review  Vriendelijke ontvangst. Leuke namiddag gehad met het gezin...we zijn er helaas niet in geslaagd om te ontsnappen...de bank is heus wel moeilijk 🙂 maar we hadden plezier en daar gaat het om.

    thumb Donneux Claudine

    positive review  super leuk om te doen. verschillende kamer.

    thumb Heidi Beutels

    positive review  Wij hebben de Bank Heist gedaan. Heel wat leuke manieren om aan codes te geraken met ook voldoende variatie.We hebben al een aantal rooms gedaan en deze zit toch bij de top. We keren nog eens terug om de prison room te spelen.

    thumb Els Pauwels
  • positive review  Superleuke ervaring!! Zeker aan te raden!

    thumb Friedel Hoorens

    positive review  Orcus Prison was een super Escape ervaring. Zeker aan te raden...

    thumb Jef Vanlaer

    positive review  Super Toffe en originele kamers! Zeker de moeite Waard!

    thumb Joran Merckx
  • positive review  Missing Geisha gedaan met vrienden. Zeker een aanrader 👍

    thumb Dominique Delen

    positive review  Heel leuk! Wij zijn buiten geraakt 😊😊

    thumb Lisa Ockerman

    positive review  Super escape room en duidelijke uitleg door vriendelijke meneer. Wij komen terug voor een andere room!

    thumb Stefanie Everaerts
  • positive review  Eerste ervaring en het was TOP! Zeer vriendelijke ontvangst! Zeer duidelijke uitleg! We genieten nog na van de geweldige avond...

    thumb Hilde Jacobs

    positive review  Eerste keer, maar zeker voor herhaling vatbaar. Leuke puzzels en goeie uitleg vooraf.

    thumb Filip Nijs

    positive review  Heel leuk en toffe begeleiding!

    thumb Kim Van Cleynenbreugel
  • positive review  Top dagje met Famke Sillis in de escaperoom Leuven! Heel toffe escape met vele verrassende puzzels. Echte aanrader!!! De Missing Geisha is zeker met twee te doen.

    thumb Kris Heylen

    positive review  Net niet kunnen ontsnappen uit de surgery room, maar toch een superleuke namiddag gehad! Komen graag nog eens terug om 1 van de andere kamers uit te proberen! 🙂

    thumb Sofie Van Melkebeke

    positive review  Tweede kamer die we hier deden en heel fijne avond gehad! We kozen prison orcus. Leuk verhaal, zeer moderne kamer, goede begeleiding, op tijd en stond een hint als we vastzaten! Echt top!

    thumb Cindy Vanderlinden
  • positive review  Fijne teambuilding met de collega's!

    thumb Annick Vangenechten

    positive review  Alles . Zeer fijn onthaal , goede begeleiding. Knap in elkaar gezet. Onze eerste escape room ervaring was top !

    thumb Marjan Bossuyt

    positive review  Wij hebben de Surgery Room gedaan: Knap ineengestoken en vriendelijk onthaal.

    thumb Wendy Toremans
  • positive review  Heel erg leuke ervaring! Wij hebben meteen opnieuw geboekt!

    thumb Elien Jenaer

    positive review  gisteren een bezoekje gebracht aan de Bank Heist en Surgery; een toffe belevenis met de nodige adrenaline 😃 voor herhaling vatbaar!!! mercikes Dirk

    thumb Brenda Van Rompaey

    positive review  Het was voor mij de eerste ervaring met een escape room. Bij aankomst zijn we heel goed ontvangen en voldoende uitleg gekregen. De escape room die wij kozen (surgery) was mooi aangekleed met leuke en uitdagende opdrachten

    thumb Heidi Ons
  • positive review  De eerste keer een escape room gedaan, en zeker niet de laatste keer. Leuke en spannende ervaring!!

    thumb Vanessa Ruymen

    positive review  Prison Orcus... prachtige escape room. Super gemaakt en ook de begeleiding was top. Veel plezier gehad.

    thumb Erika Wisanto

    positive review  Echt heel goed gevonden. Toffe opdrachten.

    thumb Maria Helsen