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ALERT: Escapehouse Emerantia will soon no longer be available. At this moment Sunday february 26 is the final date! Is this great experience on your shortlist? Then book quickly because the game will be no longer available as the current house version, it will become an escape room version.

To let as many people as possible enjoy this game, it is only possible to book for 5, 6 or 7 people during the weekends. With 4 is possible but the price will be for 5 people.

It is possible that a game is not available because we have blocked it ourselves and only release it afterwards, due to the planning. Follow the Facebook page and/or check the availability regulary.
Currently you can book 3 days in advance upto 21 days before the event.

Since there is regular demand for a game for 7 people, it was recently decided to open Emerantia to a group of 7 players. That is because such a group would like to do something together in one game. However, this is not ideal for the game itself. It is rather made for 4 to 5 players. Make sure everyone knows this. The advantage is that the price per person is a lot more favorable.