0032 (0)468 317 711 info@escaperoom-leuven.be Blijde inkomststraat 103

You can book from 2 to 40 days in advance. For Emerantia this is 3 upto 22 days.
All text in the rooms will be in ENGLISH.
For escapehouse Emerantia: choose between the Flemish version or the English version of the game. No French available.

LAST MINUTE booking for today or tomorrow for the ESCAPE ROOMS? Call or text 0468 317 711.
There is ventilation in each room. The hours are STARTING hours.

Do you have a voucher from our partners (BEFEB, stadsbon Leuven or Tukadoo)? Send the code with all info (room, day, hour,..) to info @ escaperoom – leuven . be and we book it for you.

ALERT: Escapehouse Emerantia will no longer be available soon! More info