0032 (0)468 317 711 info@escaperoom-leuven.be Blijde inkomststraat 103

You can book a room up until 48 hours before the start of your game. Before noon (10-12h) on request for big groups (min 2 rooms). Would you like to book 2 rooms but the hours do not correspond? Send us an email or call 0468 317 711

You wanna book last minute today or tomorrow?
Give us a call or text 0468 317 711.

Between 2 groups there is plenty of time. There is ventilation 24/7 and each room has an aircleaner with HEPA filter. In Bank Heist and Missing Geisha it’s even possible to open the window.

On this site you can also book Escapehouse Emerantia on our second location nearby.