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You are really into Escape Games and You want to be a GameMaster/Host…?

You look for a part-time job, student job (only long term, not for the summer period) or just want to work extra hours as independent? Maybe you can start as gamemaster/host at our place:

What is a Gamemaster? This is the man or woman who:

  • welcomes the players,
  • tells about the rules and the room,
  • helps the group with hints during the game if necessary,
  • gives a debriefing,
  • re-sets the room again for the next group,
  • helps to keep the room and the facility nice and clean.

This sounds fun? You are,

  • a young enthousiastic, who has done already several escape rooms (of course our escape rooms 🙂 ) and likes our athmosphere,
  • who likes to talk to people (groups from 4 to 22 people),
  • talks fluent Flemish and English;
  • lives in or very near Leuven;
  • and want to work (with interim contract) during evenings in the week (1 to 2 evenings of 4 hours) and in the weekends (1 day of 4 to 6 hours)

Sent your CV (in PDF!) with picture + motivation to info @ escaperoom-leuven.be