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The year is 2047. As members of the European Resistance, you and your team have been captured by the New World Order and sentenced to life on the artificial prison-planet Orcus. You have arrived on Orcus in a new transitzone and the guards are scheduled to take you to Zone X, the most secure prison on the planet. Escape from Orcus or stay there forever!

Recommended number of players
 : Min. 4,  max. 6 people. Not wheelchair accessible.
Difficulty: Very challenging. This room does not contain typical combination or cypher locks; all puzzles have been integrated into its futuristic theme.
Escape with 15 (or more) minutes left on the timer and each players receives a voucher of 3€.
Recommended age
: from 16 y.o

Prison Orcus
Pictures from the Prison Orcus escaperoom