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You wake up in the dark operating room of an old hospital, somewhere in Eastern Europe. The last thing you remember is that you were in a hotel’s conference room, listening to some doctor’s lecture. After the speech, the doctor invited you to his hotel room to have a drink. This is where your memories start to get foggy.  You have to get out of the operating room, and get to the doctor’s office. The key to your freedom can be found there. Escape within 60 minutes or fall into the hands of the crazy doctor!

Recommended number of players: 4-5  people  (max. 6).
Difficulty: Challenging. Escape with 15 (or more) minutes left on the timer and each players receives a voucher of 3€.
Recommended age: 16 as group, from 12 y.o with adults.

Surgery escaperoom
Some pictures from the Surgery escaperoom in Leuven