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This escape game of 85 minutes is located at a different location: TIENSESTRAAT 218.

Niet aangeraden voor beginners. Minimum 4 personen, maximum 7 personen. Minimumleeftijd: 16.

Attention: Do you still want to play this exciting game of 85 minutes at this unique location? Then book quickly. Soon, no longer available in this setting!

A mission in a mysterious house with an authentic character.

The challenge is to complete all the assignments as quickly as possible and solve the puzzles. Your team is given 85 minutes to do this.

Without any experience, there is a good chance that one has to get too much help, which is not fun for anyone so that the end of the mission is not reached. Which would be a great pity! By the way, no explanation or introduction is provided at the start.

The emphasis is on the joint experience within a limited group, so that the maximum number of people allowed is normally 6. Because we would also like to offer a game for 7 people, this is possible. Please note that this is not ideal, however. This mainly reduces the cost per person.

It is not horror, there are no actors in the game but there is a dim and melancholic atmosphere and there is a chance that there is a jump scare.

Dusk so sometimes a bit darker than you are used to in a typical escape room.
Exciting, challenging, different and fun! We offer the most spaces in one game with more time. Unique in the Benelux!

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The story of Emerantia Van Dormael and the Claessens family

It is 1985 and you are in the home of the family Claessens. It’s said that this home once belonged to Emerantia van Dormael, a woman accused of witchcraft. She was burned at the stake, but legend says her spirit still lives on and haunts the city of Leuven.

Eva, the little daughter of the family Claessens, disappeared a few months ago. Because of this, the mother was struck by an all-devouring sa

dness. She still believes Eva will return and has turned to God, to protect her from the spirit of the witch Emerantia, who she believes to still reside in the basement of the house.

The mother continues to declare that this witch is responsible for the disappearance of little Eva and she wants to prove this. She feels like Eva is still near, but fatigued by hopelessness she lives in solitude. Because of this, the house has fallen in disrepair.

Your task is to search the house and to discover the truth. Is the mother really insane or is she telling the truth about Emerantia?

Do you feel the presence of little Eva?

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